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Carbon Calculator For Building Materials


/Per Month

Unlimited usage

Calculate embodied emissions in under 10 minutes

Requires no expertise

Saves up to 90% of time

Email support

Business hours phone support

S360 - Starter



/Per Month

Limited employees

For small businesses

Starter resources & templates  

Email support

Business hours online support

S360 - Enterprise

Please enquire

Unlimited employees 

For mid-size and large businesses

VIP onboarding

Expert sustainability advice

All resources and templates  

Email and phone support

Business hours online support

On site support 

S360 info - what do you get?

Our S360 offer isn't just a software subscription like other products out there. You get the software subscription to make your life easy, but also 20+ years worth of sustainability advice and resources from someone who has worked in this space and helped businesses internally on their sustainability journeys for many years.

If you are new to this, this includes all the info you need to get started. If you are in a sustainability / ESG role and your company is advanced in their journey, this will save you heaps of time that you could better spend on creating impact rather than admin work as well as advanced resources to take you further. 

Software + sustainability advice + templates = success


Understanding where you are at in your journey, your challenges and opportunities

Sustainability roadmap brainstorming

S360 training

Putting it into practice

Integration training (IT team)

Agile meeting template/resource (to successfully set up a team to process ideas/initiatives or improve your existing team)

Change management template/resource to help you implement sustainability across the entire business and create a culture of sustainability 

Survey template to measure current staff understanding of sustainability and ongoing culture change / internal impact

Stakeholder analysis template/resource (to help you identify, analyse and prioritise stakeholders so you can engage with them to create maximum impact)

Many more being developed by our experts ongoing

Onboarding included from s360 expert on:

Resources included:


Do I need to install anything? No, no on-premises set-up or installation needed. S360 is a cloud based subscription software and can be accessed from any browser. 

What is the cost? Prices start from $49 per month depending on company size

How soon after signing up can we use it? You can log in and use the S360 platform right away but depending on where you are in your sustainability journey you may want to prepare a few things first (i.e. setting goals, gathering data to input, next steps etc.).

Does it require any sustainability knowledge to use? No, anyone can use the software instantly and we provide resources to help you get the most value and impact from S360

Do we still receive support after the on-boarding period? Yes, absolutely, our customer satisfaction team, including our sustainability expert (and founder), will take care of any support. You get a powerful software platform as well as expert advice.

Do you have SSO available? No yet, but we will soon. Please enquire if interested.

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