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Discover how S360 products can help you run your business sustainably.

Our core product - S360

Manage all sustainability initiatives in one place

It's a one-stop-shop for easy tracking and reporting of all your sustainability initiatives (environment, society/people, governance and collaboration/education) 


Simple reporting

It makes impact reporting easy to overview and share with senior leadership and boards 


Carbon emissions made easy

Easily understand your carbon footprint, set and track targets and achievements 


Get stakeholder buy-in and create a culture of sustainability

Get buy in from external stakeholders such as customers, visitors, students and investors. Build a culture where everyone owns it and takes responsibility, rather than just a few people.


Encourage Engagement


Review Stakeholder Ideas

Carbon calculator for building materials (CCBM)

Try our new FREE carbon calculator dedicated to building materials.

We know how daunting it can be to get started on calculating carbon emissions for building materials in the built environment. And for those that use existing tools it can be very time consuming. 

We have worked with BRANZ to make their expert data super simple to use which will remove some of the current barriers. And, you can select the different materials and instantly see how different their carbon footprint is - making it much easier to select low carbon materials.

Unlike other tools you need no prior knowledge or training to use our new tool CCBM and it will cut down the time spent on calculating the building materials emissions by up to 95%!!!!

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