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how are we different?

The basics are covered:

  • A simple carbon calculator always using the latest government emissions factors and dashboards where you can set, track and report progress on your emissions targets.

  • A one-stop-shop to record, track and report on all your sustainability / ESG needs (Environment, Social & Governance)

  • Assign ownership of initiatives to anyone within the organisation and helpful reminders when deadlines are approaching and overdue. 


Our unique difference:

  • We believe the key to success is simplicity and our customers love to clean, simple and straightforward S360 is.

  • Sustainability resources for every stage of your sustainability journey based on years of expertise.

  • Expert sustainability advice from our creators.

  • E, S & G are important, but how we will all truly achieve that is through C, Collaboration. Collaboration, education and partnership, working together internally, but also externally with clients, suppliers, other businesses, government and industry bodies is important. So if this matters to you, S360 has the educational resources and functionality to help you engage your stakeholders, get buy-in, deliver and track your progress.

  • C also stands for culture - in order to deliver on your goals and strategy, to create the greatest impact, we strongly encourage all our customers to work on creating a culture of sustainability. A culture where all of your team understands sustainability and its importance, and where they feel responsible and take ownership. No organisation with a single person or team only focusing on this can make the entire business truly sustainable by themselves, it takes the entire team to do this, together. That is why you can't just buy S360 access for a few people in the organisation, our packages includes access for all employees  

  • Link all your initiatives to the UN SDGs and find out how you are doing in the SDG dashboard.


If you're a sustainability / ESG professional:

  • You might be using many different tools or spreadsheets which are clunky, time consuming and not easily sharable.

  • A significant proportion of time is spent on administrative tasks, time that could be better spent on creating impact.

  • Planning, storing and tracking sustainability data, and long term goals is difficult.

  • Reporting to the leadership team could be easier.

  • You might feel like you are constantly pushing a giant boulder uphill by yourself and wish you had more buy-in and participation from the rest of the company.

If you're NOT a sustainability / ESG professional:

  • Many businesses do not have access to their own dedicated sustainability resource and this is often an addition to an existing and most likely busy role already.

  • Sustainability can be complex and overwhelming and you might be unsure where to begin

  • Everything seems expensive and time-consuming

  • Not sure how to best plan, store and track sustainability 

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