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Free offer for Christchurch charities

We are very excited to share a special FREE offer for two charities and give back to our hometown. Does your charity need a boost to track and report on the positive impact you have on the world? (making it easier to share with the world and with funders and grant makers). And reduce the time it takes? Our platform S360 is the solution! (scroll down to see more info on the solution)

Two selected charities will receive:

  • 1 hour VIP onboarding to understand your challenges and opportunities

  • Expert advice and recommended next steps in your journey

  • Free subscription to S360 ongoing (completely free for selected charities, no hidden fees)

Enter your details below to be in with a chance to get selected:

Deadline: Tuesday 17th May

sustainability 360

making sustainability simple for businesses

Sustainability 360 is based in start-up incubator Te Ōhaka located at Ara Institute of Canterbury. They work passionately to help develop business solutions that makes sustainability simple, affordable and easy.

Our story

In 2019 Sustainability 360’s founder Caroline Thalund had an idea...

At the time, Caroline was working with the sustainability team at Christchurch International Airport. And like most other businesses, information about sustainability was not visible to, or easily accessible by, all staff.
On top of that, tracking and reporting on sustainability goals was a challenge for senior executives as it was cumbersome and resource-intensive. 

So, Caroline set out to build and implement a successful digital solution tackling these challenges.

As the news spread, other businesses frequently inquired if they too could access this solution.

The existing platform was not sharable, so Caroline set out to make a new, more powerful tool that would be accessible to all businesses, and most importantly, make sustainability simple thus creating a greater impact. It was the creation of S360.

The Problem

People are overwhelmed trying to run their businesses sustainably because:

  • Sustainability is inherently complex and overwhelming – because all things are connected

  • Sustainability can be expensive and time-consuming

  • Most businesses do not have access to their own dedicated sustainability resource or consultants to help with sustainability strategy and taking action

  • For those businesses with access to sustainability expertise, a significant proportion of time is spent on administrative tasks, time that could be better spent on creating impact

  • Planning, storing and tracking sustainability data and initiatives is difficult


All this results in inaction…

Image by Justus Menke

The Solution

S360: The simple one-stop-shop for sustainability

  • One place for ALL your sustainability initiatives and stories (whether it’s environment, society or governance related)

  • Simple dashboards show your initiatives and progress

  • Automatic reminders create action

  • Calculate, track and report on short- and long-term carbon emission targets

  • Easily link to and report on external frameworks such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • Engage staff and customers and leverage their ideas

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The Benefits

Running a business sustainably should be as essential as running a business profitably. It’s just the right thing to do. But sustainability achieves much more than that:

  • Your business won’t be doing harm that undoes the good it does

  • You will likely reduce costs (unsustainable habits are often wasteful habits) and increase turnover (people really like sustainable businesses)

  • You will likely attract quality employees (people like working for sustainable businesses)

Image by qinghill

Current Traction


"No longer do I have sleepless nights worrying about the carbon footprint of our business, no longer do I scroll the web looking for answers, no longer do I get nervous reading the financial contribution required to manage our sustainability journey.  

Instead, using S360, we share our sustainability story with our people and by doing so, create a new wave of advocates and changemakers for a sustainable future".

Todd Schmidt, General Manager, The International Antarctic Centre

"S360 put us on the right track of understanding where we can improve our sustainability journey, helped us measure our impact, tell our story and most importantly allowed us to engage and excite our whole team about sustainability".

Tereza Tutko, HR Manager, Eliot Sinclair

free construction calculator

Calculating the emissions for building materials too daunting, time consuming or not sure where to start?

This is what our founder thought when starting out in the construction sector and decided to do something about it! With an extensive expert dataset from BRANZ, we are proud to bring to you a calculator that makes this data so super simple and easy to access, that you can calculate a project's embodied emissions in less than 10 minutes. Check it out here.

The Future

To create a more sustainable future it will take all of us to collaborate and to take action. We are always looking for ways to work with others to be more sustainable. If you want to be a part of the solution, please get in touch!