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sustainability 360

making sustainability simple for businesses

Sustainability 360 is based in start-up incubator Te Ōhaka located at Ara Institute of Canterbury. They work passionately to help develop business solutions that makes sustainability simple, affordable and easy.

Our story

In 2019 Sustainability 360’s founder Caroline Thalund had an idea...

At the time, Caroline was working with the sustainability team at Christchurch International Airport. And like most other businesses, information about sustainability was not visible to, or easily accessible by, all staff.
On top of that, tracking and reporting on sustainability goals was a challenge for senior executives as it was cumbersome and resource-intensive. 

So, Caroline set out to build and implement a successful digital solution tackling these challenges.

As the news spread, other businesses frequently inquired if they too could access this solution.

The existing platform was not sharable, so Caroline set out to make a new, more powerful tool that would be accessible to all businesses, and most importantly, make sustainability simple thus creating a greater impact. It was the creation of S360.

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